Thursday, 14 August 2014

And Yes you Thought You are Fine But You are Not

Life has has it's way of making you realized that the pain you had before will surfaced on you are at your lowest. You repressed, suppressed or whatever you may call it on what you had before. And once you experienced the same it will just come out just like that. And yes you thought you are fine but in reality you're not. The pain of the past is still there and it lingers. You thought you had forgiven but not. You just forget about it but when there's a thing that will remind you of it, you snap. And you can't contain it, you just turn yourself against the world. You hide, you run away and you're out of touch.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Przejście - “The Anonymous Pedestrians.”

For thirteen days I stayed in Wroclaw, Poland I always see this day and night as this the place where I normally pass through going to the office and hotel where I stayed. 

First day I was intrigue with this rising people from the pavement. And of course out of curiosity I checked and researched what is the significance of the moment in the pavement. Apparently this is political memories of martial law. 

The artwork is called Przejście, which translates as passage or transition, and it’s also known in English as “The Anonymous Pedestrians.” These 14 figures were crafted by Polish artist Jerry Kalina in December 2005.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Alfresco Breakfast

Before flying back to Singapore I went to the same restaurant where my colleagues and I went for brunch. I find this place very relaxing, the food is awesome and the price is not that expensive. I should say there is value for money on this restaurant. I had my two hour breakfast outside alone at Mleczarnia in front of the big tree and synagogue.

I had sausage meal, that has breads, salad, egg and fruits and big cup of cappuccino. Enjoying this while listening to the sound of birds flying around, steps from people walking and passing thru the restaurant and some people chatting while doing some stuff. It was very very quite and still day. Simply my version of dolce far niente!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Poland Trip

I arrived Wroclaw, Poland last March 19 via Frankfurt, Germany on board Lufthansa Airlines. I travelled alone as most of my colleagues were on the site already. This is one of the trip I won't forget. It was my first time in Europe and I was welcomed with great surprise and satisfaction.

I stayed in The Monopol Hotel in Helena Modrzejewska street for twelve days. The place was very central, located at the heart of the tourist attraction, a walking distance to the office and many restaurants around. Just beside our hotel there is a catholic church which obviously makes me happy, as a devout catholic this is one of the things I first checked in any place I've been or plan to go. I like the fact that the office is just a walking distance so this means I don't have to chec or make plans with a colleague if I need to go to office. I can go there in my own. And the place was so safe even for newbie like me. I didn't hesistate to walk alone upon arriving the hotel.

Took a quick shower, pass through a Starbucks shop for a nice and quick meal and head myself down to the office on first day I arrived Wroclaw. I love the weather, fresh air, cold but not the cold and the sun was out. I arrived office with pride that I was able to reach the place on my own without asking for any direction but of course I followed the map yhat was provided to us as a "welcome kit" to Wroclaw.

I should say, this trip was a pleasant and satisfying trip being able to achieve the goal and have fun was the most rewarding feeling ever.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Golden Gate Bridge

I've been in California thrice already and this is one place that I love. They were given with a lot of natural resources and history has made this state. One specific place that I love is San Francisco, the weather is lovely. The place is so vibrant. People are diversed and food has a lot of variety.

It was last December 2012 when I first saw the Golden Gate Bridge and I was in awe seeing that gigantic old bridge. I was like how did they do that? Amazing structure!

amazing golden gate bridge

My aunt drove around San Francisco and this was one of those that was so fascinated and won't stop looking and admiring. Foe 100 years she is still standing still and serving a lot of people. I can see tourist walking along the bridge while others biked. But for me we just drove coz it's cold when I went there. The fog is so thick that scared me away to walk or bike. 

while inside my aunt's car

We also stop by the park and the nearby gov't house in the area. Drove in an old tunnel and took some photo.