Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas is just around the corner!

Christmas day is few days away and kids are pretty excited. You know kids! I think the most happiest group of people during Christmas are the youngsters, I mean kids. As all if not most of the attention is given to them. As just we Christians do to Jesus. Christmas is about Jesus, the coming of our saviour. The one who saves us from our sins. I'm starting to share this belief to my kids. Coz they may think that Christmas is just opening of gifts, dinners and parties.

Our home is filled with decorations, kids were excited when finally we are putting the decors. Just as I prepare the house for the event as so is my heart & soul. Of course won't mention here how I prepare myself for that since it's too personal. Going back, my kids love it, our simple decorations at home. We maybe away from our relatives but we make our way to celebrate it. My mom is here to share the occasion with us and kids are happy and we are all happy. Honestly we miss the celebration back in the Philippines. It's different down there since the whole gang are all present. Hopefully next year we may celebrate Christmas there. Will see how it goes!

For now I would like to share our simple decorations at home. Merry Christmas to all!

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