Sunday, 1 September 2013

Golden Gate Bridge

I've been in California thrice already and this is one place that I love. They were given with a lot of natural resources and history has made this state. One specific place that I love is San Francisco, the weather is lovely. The place is so vibrant. People are diversed and food has a lot of variety.

It was last December 2012 when I first saw the Golden Gate Bridge and I was in awe seeing that gigantic old bridge. I was like how did they do that? Amazing structure!

amazing golden gate bridge

My aunt drove around San Francisco and this was one of those that was so fascinated and won't stop looking and admiring. Foe 100 years she is still standing still and serving a lot of people. I can see tourist walking along the bridge while others biked. But for me we just drove coz it's cold when I went there. The fog is so thick that scared me away to walk or bike. 

while inside my aunt's car

We also stop by the park and the nearby gov't house in the area. Drove in an old tunnel and took some photo.

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J. Newil @ Pharma KPI said...

Golden Gate Bridge is like an art to me. It's an amazing creation.

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